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Our client-centered approach places the client’s needs first, helping eliminate unnecessary management layers and resulting in cost efficiencies. We help ensure the proper operation of all aspects of the client’s buildings to create an optimal, safe, and cost-effective environment for the ultimate users.

Clients come first at The Olmstead Company. First, we listen. Then, we analyze current needs and predict future requirements, then immerse our team into the client’s corporate culture to design sensible and practical solutions to issues.

Our associates offer expanded services beyond the core expertise to give a holistic solution to further expansion, interior design, on-site construction oversight, and real estate development.

Our approach integrates all services under one concept so there is no disconnect or unnecessary expenses. We help assure on-time projects and reduce unnecessary expenditures so the client can reach short- and long-term goals and objectives.

All projects start with a face-to-face meeting with the client to fully understand objectives and the scope of services needed. Next, we develop a strategy, plan, and short- and long-term objectives consistent with the corporate culture, then provide a master plan, schedule, and budget for approval. As appropriate, we integrate team members into the organization to understand corporate culture both from the top down and bottom up. We will move forward with clear focus and objectives, and provide regular progress reports as the client implements the approved plan.